Solar Minimum

A few years ago, I had a discussion with my sisters. They were aghast that I didn’t believe in Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change. I defended myself by asserting that I had read several books on the subject including “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by Bjorn Lomborg and “The Little Ice Age” by Brian Fagan. When they asked what I thought was causing the environment to warm, if it is indeed warming? I said, “The Sun.”

Two article caught my attention this weekend and I’m pretty sure they’re related. The first was a piece in the LA Times with the headline, “A February to remembrrr in L.A.” The article notes, “For the first time since forecasters began recording data — at least 132 years — the mercury did not reach 70 degrees in downtown Los Angeles for the entire month of February.” As Sargent Schultz would say, “Very Interesting.”

The second article was from a website that I check frequently entitled “A Month Without Sunspots” I’m confident that the two article are related.

I still don’t believe in Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change and I feel these articles reinforce my belief that the Sun, not human activity, is having the largest impact on whether our environment is warming or not. But don’t believe me, I don’t have a college degree in meteorology, my annual income is not dependent on government grants for research, nor am I a Marxist/socialist trying to control other people’s happiness. I’m just curious.

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