Nashville Parthenon

In Nashville for Memorial Day Weekend visiting my sister and her family. Today we visited the Nashville Parthenon. I suggested we visit here because it is in Albert’s movie Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. It was interesting to see it and read about how and why it was built. We stayed there a little over an hour.

After leaving the Parthenon, we started looking for somewhere to eat lunch. Our first idea was Hattie B’s hot chicken, but the line was out the door. Then we drove around a little, before driving over to Boombozz Pizza. Pizza was high on Albert’s list of places to eat. The pizza was good, Shari and Martha created a pizza with fresh spinach, katakana olives, grilled chicken, and feta cheese. Everyone enjoyed it.

After eating we walked across the street to the Soda Parlor where Albert, Martha, and Shari split a waffle sunday.

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