This cruise is with Shari’s family. Both her sisters and two of her brother are on the cruise with us. Along with one nice, one first cousin, and assorted friends. We all traveled separately, except her sister Susie, who traveled with us.

We arrived at Pier 91 around noon.  When we arrived we had to wait a few minutes for a porter to help with our luggage.  During that time, Stephanie rented a scooter for Myra.

Boarding the ship was easy.  The cruise line had check in stations where they checked our boarding passes and passports.  Once cleared we were free to board the ship.

Once on board we made our way to deck 9, the Lido deck, were we waited until our room is ready.  We hung out and ate lunch until a little after 3:00 when Albert and I went to our room.  Our luggage had not been delivered, but we dropped off our carry on bags and got our cruise cards. We returned to the Lido deck.  Jimmy and Lucile joined us.

We went back to our room around 4:30 and found our luggage waiting outside the door.  We only had about 30 minutes to unpack, before we had dinner at 5:30 in the Truffles dinning room.

We were at table 106 for dinner.  It was a long table with at least 14 seats. Everyone in our group was at this one table. For dinner, I had the special appetizer and a Caesar salad. I had the salmon bake as my entree, but was disappointed to see it was farm raised Atlantic Salmon, not the local wild salmon.  I bought a bottle of wine for dinner and Shari, Albert and I shared it.  We all had desserts. Albert had the chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and I had the tiramisu. 

After dinner Shari and her family hung out in one of the bars visiting while Albert and I roamed the ship. Unfortunately, I had a bit of tummy trouble and had to go back to the room twice to use the toilet.  After the second time, I didn’t feel like going out anymore so we stayed in the room.  Albert was disappointed because he wanted another beer, but we all called it a night and went to bed.

The Seattle skyline as we sail away

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