At Sea

Aboard the Carnival Legend off the Pacific coast of Canada

I woke up in the middle of the night with tummy troubles.  I took another Pepto Bismal tablet and drank some water and went back to bed.  I was hot, but eventually managed to go back to sleep.
I woke up again around 7:30. Shari wanted to go get some coffee and take a walk.  We left the room and went up the Lido deck were coffee and breakfast was being served.  We found a spot to sit near a window and drink our coffee.
We were getting ready to leave and go to the gymnasium when the rest of our crew arrived.  Jimmy said they were going down to Truffles for brunch, so we joined them.  After eating, I had to excuse myself and go back to the room where I dealt with my upset tummy. On the bright side, at least I got the stomach virus on the days we are at sea.

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