Whale watching

Aboard the Carnival Legend docked in Juneau, Alaska

Today we are going whale watching in Auke Bay and going to the Mendenhall Glacier. It is raining this morning and the winds are out of the north. It’s colder today then it has been the whole trip.

This morning there are 4 other cruise ships docked in Juneau. The bus picked us up at the parking lot near the cruise ship terminal. I think we were going to the glacier first, but the weather changed the sequence of events. The bus took us to the whale watching boats first.

We were some of the last passengers to board the boat and we left the dock within minutes of boarding. We cruised south in Auke Bay. After about 20 minutes a juvenile whale surfaced about 300 yards away. He put on a nice show for us showing us his tail and slapping his pectoral fin several times on the water. The captain cruised further south looking for more whales. At some point he turned the boat north and that is where the rough seas started. After about 20 minutes of being tossed around, Albert couldn’t take any more and got sea sick. That was the end of the fun and the whale watching. We continued to cruise around Auke Bay for another 30 minutes, but never saw any more whales. The seas were getting even rougher when the captain finally decided to head south and back to port.

After leaving the whale watching boat the bus driver took us to the Mendenhall Glacier. It was a National Forest Service park. You couldn’t get real close to the glacier, but it is so large you could easily see it. We took a 1.5 mile trail to the base of Nugget Falls. From here you could see the glacier better, but also has a wonderful view of the falls and the lake.

Nugget Falls
Mendenhall Glacier

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