Day 1 – Headed Out

We left the house a little after 3:00 headed to my sister’s house in Gallatin,TN. We took the back way through Canton to get on I-75 North at Adairsville, GA. 

After going through Chattanooga, I noticed a problem with the car’s air conditioner. The air coming out of the vents felt cool, but it just wasn’t blowing. Even when I turned the blower to the max, it would only blow a little harder. You could hear the blower, but the volume of air coming out of the vents did not match the sound.

We stopped at the rest stop at Mount Eagle just past the Sewanee exit. Shari started driving.  Now we were not getting any cool air, so we rolled down the windows a little.  This improved the temperature in the car, but the noise was so loud you couldn’t hear the music anymore. While we drove, I removed the glove compartment to get to the cabin air filter.  I removed the filter and could feel the blower blowing.

Once we made it to Murfreesboro, I texted Martha like she asked me to. Murfreesboro it about an hour from her house.

We arrived at Martha and Mike’s house around 6:45. Once we arrived inside the house we were greeted by their new dog Bella. She barked and growled at us anytime we moved. Bella is a border collie poodle doodle.

Martha made lasagna and a salad for dinner. We brought a bottle of Hess Allomi wine to go with dinner. I has two small glasses with dinner. After dinner Mike persistently offered me a bourbon, but I declined sighting my diet for not wanting any.

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