Day 2 – Car Repairs

We had problems with the air conditioner in the Jeep yesterday on the drive to Nashville. So this morning I’m taking the car to Christian Brothers to get it checked before we continue our trip.

We spent a quiet day at Martha and Mike’s house. Mike cooked a big breakfast of bacon and eggs for breakfast. After breakfasts we sat around and visited and read. Albert mostly stayed in his room watching movies.

Christian Brothers did an assessment on the car and called me around 11:00 to say they didn’t find anything. The next option was to extract the freon and refill the system. I told them to go ahead and do it.  I thought it would at least eliminate one possible problem.

Around 2:00 Mike drove me to Christian Brother to pick up my car. After getting the car, I went to Sonic next door to pick up Albert a hot dog for lunch.

Around 5:30 Martha ordered pizza from Marco’s and when it was ready Martha, Shari, and I drove over and picked it up. My nephew Kevin, his wife Jourdan, and son Ronan came over for dinner around 6:30. It was good to see them again and we talk a lot about Kevin’s work at Home Depot. He was recently transferred from the Murfreesboro store to one in Hendersonville.  A substantial reduction in his commute time. 

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