Day 5 – Badlands National Park

Wall Drug Store was our first stop.  We have seen the signs along the interstate and just had to see what it was all about.  The answer is, not much.  I bought a few stickers for the car and we looked at T-shirts, but nothing inspired us to part with any money.  Oh well, I can say that I’ve been there.

Next we drove to the entrance of Badlands National Park.  We drove through the park again on our way to Keystone, SD.  This time our route took us on the scenic route which is an unsealed roadway.  The first stop on this route was a Prairie Dog Village.  We walked out into the field amongst the Prairie Dogs.  Most of them ignored us and went about their business.  One chirped the entire time, to alert the other that we were around.

Vigilant Prairie Dog

The rest of our drive through Badlands NP took us past some scenic vistas.  Eventually we drove out of the park and found ourselves on a farm road.  We followed this road for miles through the farms of wheat, hay, or other grains.  The farms went on as far as the eye could see.

When we arrived in Keystone, SD we drove through town to get the lay of the land.  It was lunch time and we were hungry so we parked at the municipal Parking lot and walked to Ruby’s House Restaurant.  It is a nice place and most importantly they offered Dine-In service.  We ate lunch and talked about what we would do the rest of the day.  We do not have hotel reservations, so we decided to go the Holiday Inn Express to see if they have any rooms.  They did, so we checked in and freshened up.

We decided to go to Mt Rushmore today.  It is open until 10:00PM.  We were at the park by 5:00.  I was surprised by how crowded it was.  We walked around exploring the park and taking it all in.  There is a flag ceremony at 9:00 and then they light the monument.  We stayed until they closed the park.


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