Day 13 – Yellowstone National Park

I woke up when my alarm went off at 5:30.  I showered and dressed.  We packed up and were loaded before 6:30.  We grabbed a to-go breakfast and coffee from the hotel and started the drive to Yellowstone National Park.  It is only an hour and a half drive to the North entrance near Mammoth Springs.

We arrived in the park a little after 9:00.  The Albright Visitors Center was closed, so we drove to the first hot spring which we refer to as “Pamukkale” because it reminds Shari of the Pamukkale hot springs she visited in Turkey.

Mammoth Springs (Pamukkale)
Norris Geyser Basin
Norris Geyser Basin

Next we drove to the Canyon area of Yellowstone, stopping at Artists Point to see the canyon.  We reminisced a lot about how deep the snow was the last time we were here in April 2019.  Next we drove to Uncle Tom’s Point.  We looked down at a different waterfall.  While there, we saw people across the canyon.  We drove over to Brink of the Upper Falls where we could walk down to where we saw people.  The view here was spectacular and is was amazing how much water was going over the falls.

Canyon Falls from Artist Point
The Boys at Upper Falls

Next we drove the North Rim Drive back to the Canyon Visitors Center where we went to the bathroom.

Bison herd

We drove from the Canyon Visitors Center down to the Lake Lodge to get some lunch. This portion of Yellowstone was closed the last time we were here, so I had never seen the lake before.  I was immediately astounded at how big it is.  We went into the Lake Lodge where we ordered burgers and onion rings for lunch, to go.  We were looking for a picnic area and drove toward the Fishing Bridge hoping to find something.  We continued driving toward the East Entrance of the park.

We drove and drove finally stopping by Sylvan Lake to eat our lunch.  It was a beautiful spot for a picnic, but the wind would blow hard and it turned cold.  I was only wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts and I was very cold when the wind blew.  After lunch we started looking for a rest room.  We continued driving toward the East Entrance until we found one.
After a potty break we continued driving toward the East Entrance until we finally reached it.  Then we turned around and drove to Old Faithful and the shops nearby.  We arrived about 20 minutes before closing time, so we didn’t have much time for shopping.  I found a t-shirt I liked, but they didn’t have it in my size.  I ended up buying a couple of stickers and Shari bought a shopping bag.  It was 6:00 and the shop was closing, so we checked out and left.

Picnic at Sylvan Lake (I was cold)

We left the Old Faithful area right at 6:00 and everyone was leaving at the same time.  In addition, they are doing road work just outside the Old Faithful area.  We drove the 14 miles from the Old Faithful area toward Madison where there is a three-way stop.  We turned left toward West Yellowstone and drove the next 14 miles to exit the park.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn which is just outside the West park entrance.

Once we checked into the hotel and got our luggage up to the room we discussed what to do.  I suggested we walk the two block back to the tourist area and do some souvenir shopping.  No one was really interested, so we stayed in the room and got ready for bed.

Churning Caldron
Great Fountain Geyser

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