Day 14 – Yellowstone National Park

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 6:30.  After an early rise yesterday, it was nice to feel like we slept in.  We had a leisurely morning and left the hotel around 9:30.  We went through the drive-thru at McDonald and got breakfast.

 Since it’s Saturday traffic into the park was heavy.  I managed to eat my breakfast while we waited in line.  There were two lanes for pass holder and they didn’t even ask for ID.  Once they saw the pass, they just waived us through.

Once inside the park we drove almost 10 miles and then hit a traffic jam.  A bison was casually walking down the side of the road and everyone was slowing down to take his picture.

We turned onto the Firehole Canyon Drive.  I stopped the car for a moment and mounted the GoPro. The drive is only 2 miles, but has great views of Firehole Canyon.  We stopped several times so Shari could take pictures.  The road returned us to the main road and we continued on.

Firehole Falls

Next we stopped at Midway Geyser Basin contains Grand Prismatic Hot Springs.  The parking lot was full so we decided to park about a half mile down the road and walk in.  I think this was a good decision, since I would rather walk then sit in traffic.  We walked the boardwalks and I read all the sign boards for Albert and then told him what they mean.

Excelsior Geyser Crater
Grand Prismatic Spring

Next we stopped at Biscuit Basin.  We lucked out on a parking space when someone left and we took their spot.  Once again we walked the boardwalk and looked at the different features.  Jewel Geyser erupted shortly after we passed it, so we stopped and watched.
Since we have seen have seen all these features before, when the park was less crowded, our tolerance was low.  After Biscuit Basin I think we had seen all we wanted to see.  We didn’t stop again and started driving toward Grand Teton National Park.

Biscuit Basin

We drove South on Highway 191.  Once we passed the Old Faithful area of the park, we had never seen this part of the park.  When we came in 2019, this road was not open because the snow had not been cleared.  It was a beautiful drive.  We stopped at Lewis Falls which I believe was the last stop within Yellowstone NP.  We stopped again at the Colter Bay Visitor Center.  First we made a pit stop at the restrooms.  Next we drove down to the Visitor Center.  I got my passport stamped and we did a little shopping in the bookstore.  Albert bought a T-shirt and I bought stickers.  We left Colter Bay and continued driving South.
We drove down the Jenny Lake Scenic Road.  This road was closed when we were here in 2019, because the snow had not been cleared.  It was a nice drive and had some great views of the Tetons. The road eventually brought us to the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitors Center.  Since we had been here before we didn’t stop and continued on to Jackson.

Lewis Falls
The Grand Tetons

As we drove into Jackson we notice that there were no Elk in the Elk Preserve.  There were thousands of them when we were here in 2019.  But that was April and they had not started migrating to the cooler mountains for the summer.  This is July and it hot in the lower valley.  The Elk are up in the highlands where it’s cooler in July.

We parked at the public parking lot near the Jackson visitors center and walk about 3 blocks to the square.  The sidewalk and square were fairly crowded especially with people getting their pictures taken in front of the Antler Arches.  We continued on to Roadhouse Brewery where we wanted to eat dinner.   I checked in at the hostess station and they took our name and said it would be about a 45 minute wait.  That worked for us and we did some shopping in Lee’s Tees next door while we waited.  Albert and I both bought T-shirts and Shari bought a huckleberry chocolate bar.  I also bought a few stickers.

The Square, Jackson Hole, WY

We checked in at Roadhouse Brewery a little before 6:00 and our table was ready.  We were seated just inside next to the door to the balcony.  We could look out through the door and see the square and the street below.  We each ordered a beer and then an entree to share.  We order a pretzel with beer cheese to start and then each ordered and entree.  Albert ordered a mushroom flat bread, Shari ordered the lettuce wraps, and I ordered a bratwurst.  We each had a little of everything.

Dinner at Roadhouse Brewery

After dinner we walked along the square toward the parking lot taking a back way.  Most of the shops were closed.  We walked passed a section of new stores being built.
We drove a backroad through town to avoid the traffic around the square.  We passed the Anvil hotel were we stayed in 2019.  Once out of Jackson we drove up the Teton pass to Idaho and on to Idaho Falls where we will spend the night.

The dive through Idaho was nice with lots and lots of wheat, hay, and corn being grown.  We saw the first part of the Snake River Gorge, too.  It was late when we arrived at our hotel near the airport in Idaho Falls.  We unloaded the car and got ready for bed.

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