Day 15 – Shoshone Falls

Since it is Sunday, I did not set an alarm for this morning.  I made coffee in the room for Shari and I.  Shari did some laundry this morning.  Conveniently, the Guest Laundry is across the hall from our room.

Around 9:15 we went down to the hotel’s breakfast room, but had to wait in line to be served.  Albert and I waited in the breakfast room for our order to be prepared while Shari went back and forth to the laundry.  Once we had our breakfast, we ate it in the breakfast room.

After breakfast we packed up and finished the laundry.  We left the hotel right around noon.  We drove about 45 miles to Pocatello, Idaho and the COSTCO there.  We filled up with gas and went into the store and bought a few supplies, mostly wine, for our trip.

Our next stop was Shoshone Falls .  We had to wait in line to pay the $5 and get into the park.  The park was crowded and parking was a problem.  After one pass through the main parking lot, we took a side road and found a shady parking place near a park that overlooked the main parking lot.  We walked down a steep grassy hill to get to the main part of the park.  There was an overlook to view the falls and a viewing platform.  Once space became available on the platform, we made our way down the steps.  The view was spectacular, but the platform was crowded and we were all trying to take pictures.  I found the crowded situation uncomfortable and was ready to leave once Shari finished snapping pictures.  Unfortunately, that was it.  We walked back to the car and left.  Continuing our journey to Ontario, Oregon where we will spend the night.

We stopped again at the COSTCO in Boise, Idaho to fill the car with gas.  Then we drove to Nampa, Idaho looking for a mexican restaurant where we could eat dinner.  We found one, but when we arrived it was take-out only.  We left there and look around a bit, there were several other restaurants in the area, before settling on the Olive Garden where we were able to get seated inside.

Our sever was notable because he was a bit coarse for a waiter.  He let us know we were his last table of the day, which I interpreted as eat fast I want to get out of here.  When he learned we were from Georgia he said he had been to the State once to attend a carpet installers training in Dalton.  We wondered why someone would send him to that training all the way from Idaho.  When Shari ordered the unlimited soup and salad he made a comment to let us know he was disappointed with her choice.  He did the same when we ordered two desserts to share.  He made a comment that I interpreted that he was disappointed that we didn’t each order dessert.  He brought the bill as soon as we finished ordering dessert, so he could go roll some silverware and get out of here.  It was amusing that he didn’t realize what he was doing.

We enjoyed our dinner, despite the service.  We only had about a half hour drive to the Best Western in Ontario, Oregon where we stayed the night.  We did not have reservations, and when I checked in the clerk gave me a discount on the room without my even asking for one.  I found it amusing, too.

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