Introducing Essays

Although I am not academically gifted, I was born very curious.  One of my earliest memories was taking apart a black wind-up locomotive to see how it worked.  Unfortunately, once taken apart, I didn’t possess the understanding to put it back together again.  Of course, my parents were furious that I destroyed one of my toys.  I saw it as a learning experience.

I would have to characterize my parents, God rest their souls, as “color within the lines” people.  Too bad for them, after having three girls they had a boy.  I believe boys naturally see things differently from girls and I was on the extreme end of that spectrum.  Not only did I NOT “color within the lines,” I didn’t see why the lines were necessary.

At age 11, I joined Boy Scouts, and this gave me the opportunity to learn in an unstructured manner.  Eventually, I learned how structure helps focus my learning.  After struggling through 12 years of primary education, I learned how to think with discipline in college.

At my age I consider thoughts to be like butterflies, some are pretty, and I watch them as they fly away, and others spark a deeper interest and I follow them.  I have learned that the best way to develop my thoughts is to write about them.  This is where “Essays” are relevant.  These posts will be longer and hopefully more thoughtfully developed than some of my other more impulsive posts.  Many of them will be on controversial subjects which cannot be discussed openly in our polite, WOKE, society.  I hope you find them interesting and may they inspire thoughts of your own on the subject.