Solar Minimum

A few years ago, I had a discussion with my sisters. They were aghast that I didn’t believe in Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change. I defended myself by asserting that I had read several books on the subject including “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by Bjorn Lomborg and “The Little Ice Age” by Brian Fagan. When they asked what I thought was causing the environment to warm, if it is indeed warming? I said, “The Sun.”

Two article caught my attention this weekend and I’m pretty sure they’re related. The first was a piece in the LA Times with the headline, “A February to remembrrr in L.A.” The article notes, “For the first time since forecasters began recording data — at least 132 years — the mercury did not reach 70 degrees in downtown Los Angeles for the entire month of February.” As Sargent Schultz would say, “Very Interesting.”

The second article was from a website that I check frequently entitled “A Month Without Sunspots” I’m confident that the two article are related.

I still don’t believe in Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change and I feel these articles reinforce my belief that the Sun, not human activity, is having the largest impact on whether our environment is warming or not. But don’t believe me, I don’t have a college degree in meteorology, my annual income is not dependent on government grants for research, nor am I a Marxist/socialist trying to control other people’s happiness. I’m just curious.

The Success Sequence

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Wendy Wang of the Institute for Family Studies, writes about the idea that school, work, marriage, and childbearing form a sequence that leads to success. She claims that growing up in the Asian culture this sequence was common knowledge. She urges that we share this secret with poor and working-class communities here in the US. I heartily agree. Spread the word.

Sazerac at home

Last night I enhanced my bar tending skills by making my first Sazerac at home. I found a recipe for the quintessential Southern cocktail at I settled on this recipe after doing some research on the web and realizing that it was the best match for my bar tending abilities.

I spent an hour on Friday night at my local Total Wine store purchasing the ingredients. I chose a nice rye bourbon and splurged on the Lucid Absinthe because I read a good review about it.

Considering first attempts always leave room for improvement, I enjoyed the results. To me a Sazerac is a very aromatic drink. Every sip has a different flavor and smell than the previous. I enjoyed it and I look forwarded to enjoying many more in the future.


One of the reasons for setting up a blog again is to keep learning new things. I enjoy learning.

This blog is privately hosted, so I have to learn the host management software. I’ve had moderate success.

WordPress is also something I’m slowly learning. There is also a WordPress app for my phone which is a nice tool.

Stay tuned for more.